Ban Muslim Veils, Hijabs, Niqabs to Prevent Bullying?

The sensitive topic of possibly banning Muslim Veils has come up in the news. Do you think these items promote bullying? Many people agree that bullying happens when people look different, act different or wear different clothes.
I believe it is important to respect the cultures and beliefs of others. I want to find out the opinions of people who wear Muslim Veils and opinions of others as well. What is your opinion?

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2 responses to “Ban Muslim Veils, Hijabs, Niqabs to Prevent Bullying?

  1. On the one hand, this does sort of play well with the idea of school uniforms and that sort of thing.

    On the other hand, there is a valid question about religious expression. Should we institutionalize oppression so that it doesn’t happen informally?

    (Oh, my goodness … I should just admit that I’ve gone completely liberal …)

    Anyway … there are my indecisive answers. It is a good question, though.

  2. I think it is the heart condition of the bullies and a misunderstanding on their part.

    From a Christian perspective, I would want to teach my children that these are people who believe differently and it’s an opportunity to learn about their culture and share the Gospel with them. Even to welcome them to America if they weren’t born here.

    Bullies often are acting out of something from home, a rolemodel they have, or parental examples. Or they likely have a misunderstanding of that culture and their parents need to help adjust their perspective.

    My two cents. Thanks for writing.

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