Stand Up Against Bullying!

Do people ever feel guilty for their bullying behaviours? Indeed, there are many who have written years later about their desire to make it up to the people they have bullied.
One man wrote a letter of apology fifty-four years later to the person he bullied back in grade school.
Bullying is not new. Bullying is not acceptable. Bullying is real.
Steer clear of bullying. Strive to become the kind of person who respects others and refuses to be part of bullying behaviours.
Stand Up Against Bullying! (


11 responses to “Stand Up Against Bullying!

  1. Totally agree with this, I wrote my own blog about bullying, should be out soon

  2. Could you read my first blog about bullying and let me know what you think about it please?

  3. Hey family,

    Bullying and gangs are topics of our new film staring, Meshach Taylor form Designing Women. Raising awareness in our at risk communities is crucial and we plan to change lives, one film at a time. Presently we are raising the funds needed to properly make this film. Please help us continue the conversation with assisting our kids, make a donation of any size now!

    We are implementing…
    TAMIRFILMS Internship

    Tamirfilms is offering an opportunity for a free 8 week internship. The Program will target individuals who are interested in learning about the film making process.
Silencio’s grassroots approach will be to take young Latinos from East Los Angeles and immerse them into an intense 8 week course in film production. Applicants must be between the ages of 16 – 21 or


  4. Exellent blog you have and keep it up.

  5. So important to address bullying at the core, in the beginning! good work.
    if you would like to see more of my thoughts on the matter I have made a site based on self-esteem and emotional intelligence with the intention to make a difference, and get schools to run ongoing consistent self-esteem programs!

  6. I just wrote a blog about bullying thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for the message. I agree with you that bullying can happen in many places you don’t expect. Yes! Let’s stop this bullying thing here and now!!!

  8. Hello,i wanna keep contact with you,cause i have an blog about bullying.I’m brazilian and i know how is frequently this act in this “hot country”,that the americans and europeans think that we live all together been friends.But this is a lie.Believe in me.

    People let’s stopped with this practice.

  9. Making amends. Good later, but doesn’t do much good in the moment does it?!

  10. Hello, I would like to share a story that happened to me. While I was at school, I was bullied everyday by many students, but there were two boys who really annoyed me. After I changed school, I was accepted and became an outgoing girl. One of these boys saw me at a party and came to me to apologize. I thought it was really nice this attitude.

  11. I have a regular news segment on parenting and after discussing bullying I got phone calls from adults telling me of stories about being bullied in school. They were still in counseling over same. I have many unorthodox methods to stamp out bullying as worked with the bully for years and know him/her very well. I know what works and what doesn’t. By the way, the bully doesn’t have a clue how he/she is affecting others as it’s nothing but a selfish act. It’s not about hurting others, just building themselves up. Me Me Me.

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