How Many Children Report Bullying?

Bullying is a real problem in our society and studies have been done to prove this fact. One study (Wendy Craig & Y. Harel, 2004) revealed that about 12% of girls and 18% of boys reported bullying others at least twice in previous months, while 15% of girls and 18% of boys reported being victimized at least twice over the same period. As parents, teachers and members of society in general, we can help improve these numbers by being good listeners whenever children need to share a concern. This is a starting point to help our children deal with these issues.
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One response to “How Many Children Report Bullying?

  1. Thank you for your important and very necessary work. Bullying is a growing problem. Research in the US indicates that the misuse of technology has helped to escalate the level of violence experienced by victims. In some cases, children and youth have decided that the only way to escape the bullying was to end their lives. This growing phenomenon has caused professionals across various disciplines to come together to discuss prevention strategies. With an equal amount of conscience, mind, heart, and collective action we can end bullying.

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