Can School Spirit Help Reduce Bullying?

Dorset Drive Public School

Dorset Drive Public School has great School Spirit!

The children at Dorset Drive Public School were over the top with excitement as they watched ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ presentations earlier today. They showed excellent assembly manners and also incredible school spirit.
Actually, school spirit can help reduce bullying!
Answer: When students become focused on positive things like upbeat school activities and fun spirit days, they become more positive with each other. They will encourage each other and support each other more. School Spirit can help make going to school a fun experience.
If you are a student, get involved and participate in anything having to do with school spirit. Be crazy on backwards day. Do an outrageous hair thing on wacky hair day. Let your personality shine through and enjoy yourself. This will help you grow your confidence and get more out of your school experience.
If you are a teacher or administrator; help plan some school spirit events, offer to coordinate some fun theme days, get involved. Your students will remember some of those off-the-wall events you planned, and they’ll smile later.

We offer off-the-wall assemblies about bullying, respect and cyberbullying. Email Bruce Langford at


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