5 Top Tips to Deal with Verbal Bullying

McHugh Public School

Part of the Gym Mural of McHugh Public School

We had a great time at McHugh Public School in Brampton a couple of days ago. The students did some excellent acting and we received positive comments from staff.
As part of our program, we talked about the
5 Top Tips to Deal with Verbal Bullying
1. Ignore
2. Tell an Adult
3. Walk Away
4. Speak Up
5. Get Your Friends to Help You

Here are a couple of comments we received after our presentations at McHugh School:
“The assemblies were great! They really tied in with our Peel character values. Very interactive and engaging with scenarios that help kids understand both sides of the issues from bully to victim.”
Saba Khan, Vice-Principal, McHugh Public School, Brampton

“The assembly was phenomenal! Bullying is such an important ongoing issue in schools and even the workplace. You covered all the important elements about bullying.”
Grade 5 Teacher, McHugh Public School, Brampton

Visit our website: www.standupnow.ca


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