National Gallery of Canada Inspires Creative Ways to Stop Bullying

Artists get bullied more than the rest of the population.

National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

Do you believe the above statement? Some people do. Artists think outside the box. They are unique. They have a creative side that much of society doesn’t understand. Go to the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa like we did today and we think you will agree that we must encourage creativity. It is people with creativity who create everything from new inventions to games to entertaining movies &

National Gallery Looking Up

National Gallery Looking Up

 books. Creative people are inspired by that which is artistic. We would be lost in this world without those people who are able to create.
So we must stand up against bullying of creative and artistic people. How to stand up against bullying?
1. Don’t just look the other way, do something.
2. Speak up for the person.
3. Talk to them later with encouraging words.
4. Let people know you don’t agree with bullying.
5. Be a role model who will inspire others.
6. Live your life as a positive example for people to see.

Stand Up Now Productions (Bruce Langford) visited St. Anne Catholic School

St. Anne Catholic School, Kanata

St. Anne Catholic School, Kanata

 in Kanata (Ottawa) today to teach children how to stand up against bullying.
Principal, Mrs. Jane Hill of St. Anne School spoke highly of the Stand Up Against Bullying assemblies and will recommend Stand Up Now to other schools.
Arrange ‘Stand Up Now’ Programs to take place at your school. Visit the website at:</object


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